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Hello There...!


Welcome to My Cartoons!
This is the alternative web site for Cartoons & Comics. All you can see here is new & fresh as a follow-up link to the known "johnxag.8m.com" url.
Enjoy the new and weekly updated web site and let us know in the guest book provided...
Have Fun..!

Recently Updated..!
Since 2001 the "johnxag.8m.com" url, had shown all of my cartoons on the web, then decided to a follow-up link that could be addressed as this one to be the up-to-date cartoon gallery.
Meet My Last Cartoons on the Web

Hard Working...!
Some pages on the left are under construction. Give me some more time to make it happen...

(c) 2004-2009 copyright by xPressPapier
Most of the cartoons are already edited in the daily newspaper "Archipelagos" of the Cyclades.
All Rights Reserved. Unauthorized reproduction is strictly prohibited.

Don't miss the Photo Gallery...!
Photos from Cartoon Exhibitions, spare time activities and hobbies and much much more...
Photo Gallery from Cartoon Exhibitions...